Testimonies underway in the case of AL Speaker Mike Hubbard

AL Speaker tries to get 23 felony charges dropped

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - One of the most powerful lawmakers in the State, Mike Hubbard, is trying to get 23 felony ethics charges against him thrown based on misconduct by prosecutors for the Attorney General's office.

At times it felt like Matt Hart was on trial, as Hart's former colleague Sonny Reagan, and one time attorney general prosecutor testified how he and others at the AG's office questioned Hart's tactics and use of grand juries.

He testified Hart's behavior was at best unethical and at worst illegal when he conducted investigations and grand jury proceedings.

Regan testified Hart would first target a person then use a grand jury to "ferret out" crimes to charge them with.

He testified that Hart told him how a person had a public, private and secret life and how Hart would find something secret to ask a grand jury witness about so he could use that info to control the witness's testimony.

Reagan also testified that Hart told him he would shove a gun down the speaker's throat and tie a noose around the speaker's neck to get him to plead guilty and resign.

Regan also testified and he began taking notes down about the conversations he had with Mr. Hart and went to their boss at the AG's office with his concerns, the bar association and a private attorney to figure out his legal duty to report the behavior.

AG prosecutors deny the misconduct and say the defense is trying to deflect the courts attention away from the wrongdoings of how Mike Hubbard used his political office for private gain. 

The misconduct hearing will continue this week, and when it's over the judge will decide if the charges should be dropped or of the trial against Speaker Hubbard will continue.

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