Georgia Power to begin LED roadway lighting project in Columbus

Georgia Power to begin LED roadway lighting project in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – On Thursday, Georgia Power announced on Thursday that they've began a new project to update thousands of roadway lights across Columbus.

Georgia Power and the City of Columbus have teamed up to replace approximately 12,500 high-pressure light fixture with new, energy-efficient LED fixtures.

The upgrades are a part of a statewide Georgia Power initiative across the state to upgrade up to 400,000 roadway lights to LEDs in the future.

LED roadway lights offer multiple benefits over traditional HPS lights, including:

  • Safety: LEDs provide a broad spectrum of white light, meaning human eyes can better see street signs, bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Quality: LED light is directed to stay more on roadways where needed, eliminates upward light and is spread more evenly without “hot spots” and dark areas.
  • Efficiency: LEDs use less energy to produce the same amount of lumen output and deliver a significantly longer lifespan.

Georgia Power estimates that the City of Columbus could potentially reduce its total energy use for street lighting by 50 percent through the update.

The lighting project will be managed by Georgia Power Lighting Services, which specializes in commercial, industrial and residential outdoor lighting, including high-efficiency LEDs. For more information, visit

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