Steady rain makes for sluggish morning commute

Steady rain makes for sluggish morning commute

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Wet and slippery roads caused a lot of traffic mishaps for Columbus area drivers Monday morning.

The steady downpour of rain that started overnight resulted in several car accidents throughout the city, especially in those so-called 'hot spot' areas.

Chris Brown, Rainwater Division Manager for the city, says city crews were taken off their routines and placed on special duty clearing out drains and making certain the roadways stayed passable.

"We've got to make sure that those pipes that are located under the streets are stay open and if they are clogged with debris we remove them to keep the water flowing properly," Brown said.

Items such as shovels, hubcaps and cables were pulled from the drain at 10th Avenue and 5th Street Monday afternoon.

When the city gets a lot of rain during a short period, the drainage system is designed to handle that, according to Brown.

However, some low lying areas have been identified as hot spots. These include Oakland Park, a subdivision located off South Lumpkin Road, I-185 between the Manchester Expressway and Macon Road exits, and Front Avenue in Uptown.

We found Aubrey Thompson in his yard picking up leaves Monday morning. The ditch lining his yard was filled with ankle deep water and puddles of standing water surrounded his home.

"It's like a lake out here when it rains and after it's done, the water will stay up for two to three hours before it ever runs off. You can't walk out here," explained Thompson.

Columbus received nearly 4.24 inches of rain over the last two days.

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