What the new budget means for Fort Benning


COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - President Obama signed a bipartisan budget into law Monday that he said puts America on a responsible path and keeps us safe.

Gary Jones with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce explained this bill delays sequestration for a few more years, allowing the Department of Defense to plan again, but he says there will be another BRAC or base realignment and closure.

"Sequestration has been delayed for two years to be resolved by the new elected government that will take place after we have a new president," Jones said.

In the deal, the Department of Defense gets $607 billion which is down a bit from the president's $612 billion request, a number of particular interest on Fort Benning.

"It keeps us safe by investing in our national security and making sure that our troops get what they need in order to keep us safe and perform all the outstanding duties that they do around the world," President Obama said.

"The Army's size has nothing to do with a national strategy the Army's size has everything to do with the budget," Jones said.

Although the Army is still drawing down more than 100,000 troops the local chamber of commerce office meets with Fort Benning on a daily basis to make sure their needs are met.

"At some point the government will have to address that the air force is 30 percent excess and the military and the Army is 18 percent excess infrastructure," Jones said.

There are currently more than 5,000 signatures on the Growbenning.com petition to allow elected officials in Georgia and Alabama to know residents support their decisions.

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