Be There: JROTC Lighthouse Brigade program

Be There: JROTC Lighthouse Brigade program

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Meet Brigade Command Sergeant Major Ja'Mia Lisbon and Brigade Commander John Pippins.

Both are leaders in the Lighthouse Brigade, part of Hardaway High School's JROTC or Junior Reserved Officer's Training Corps program.

We caught up with them at Hardaway High School, dressed in uniform prepared to lead.

"Since being in the JROTC, I've really learned how teamwork really impacts being in a group," Ja'Mia said.

The valuable lesson Ja'mia has learned falls right in line with JROTC's mission: motive young people to become better American citizens.

"Whether I'm a leader or a follower depending on my leader, it really helps because I need to have better personal skills or communication skills with my peers," Ja'mia said.

Ja'mia's mom is also seeing a positive change in her daughter since being in the program.

"I've seen a great improvement," her mother said. "I've seen maturity, her grades have went up she's building character."

Pippins says his experience in JROTC program is taking him to good places. He says a friend encouraged him to join the school military oriented program.

"Trying to gain acceptance into the Naval Academy if that doesn't work out try to get a NROTC scholarship and try to get commissioned as a naval officer," John said.

Both Ja'mia and John have big plans thanks to the training they received under the leadership of retired Lieutenant Colonel Roger Barros.

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