WTVM Editorial 11/6/15: Phenix City school's STEM Program

WTVM Editorial 11/6/15: Phenix City school's STEM Program

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Whether you have young children just entering school, or you're aging out of the workforce, one of the most important things that will affect all of us is "s-t-e-m" or "STEM" education.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math – and schools in Phenix City are leading the way in preparing students to be the innovators we need them to be to help us live better lives in the next 10 to 30 years.

You may have seen some of those students in special spots we've been airing, highlighting the need for STEM education.

Phenix City has bold plans to build a special STEM lab in 2016 and offers classes in engineering, computer coding, robotics and digital media – starting in the sixth grade!

Just last week, schools in Troup, Meriwether and Harris counties got a big boost from the nearby KIA motors plant: $400,000 in support for STEM classes that will produce the next generation of engineers, scientists and highly-specialized technicians employers will be looking for.

Meanwhile, the friends of Phenix City schools need support for their STEM program, a very ambitious and focused effort to inspire students to embrace and excel at science, technology, engineering and math – and show how it can be exciting and fun.

You can play a direct part in inspiring the next bio-medical engineer, or the next robotic designer – someone who may solve our future health or technology problems because of the STEM education they got in Phenix City schools.

We have a link to the friends of Phenix City schools here - and we urge you to make any size donation to the stem initiative.

We think Phenix City's vision for their students is a formula that adds up to success for all of us.

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