WTVM Editorial 11/6/15: Big bowl games huge economic draw to Georgia

WTVM Editorial 11/6/15: Big bowl games huge economic draw to Georgia

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – In 2018, Atlanta will host the National College Football Championship game in what will be the falcon's new stadium, bringing hundreds of millions of tourism related dollars into Georgia.

Last year, the championship game in Arlington, TX brought $300 million tourist dollars into north Texas.

The 2018 game is a huge win for Georgia and yes, especially Atlanta, which is also campaigning hard to host the super bowl in 2020.

But it could also bring new dollars into the Columbus area, which has done so much to develop its own regional tourism footprint, thanks to our world class white water rapids, a robust midtown restaurant scene and other draws like the national infantry museum at Fort Benning.

Columbus is less than two hours from Atlanta and could well benefit from any overflow of visitors to any big game played in the ATL.

College football in auburn and Alabama brings hundreds of thousands of dollars into the home game cities every year.

Football is always big business.

Here in Columbus, the Fountain City Classic and the Tuskegee-Morehouse match-up each fall already helps the local economy.

We congratulate Atlanta for landing college football's biggest game and we look forward to seeing how the Columbus-area can maximize our proximity to Atlanta so we might be able to cash in, too.

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