GRAPHIC: Step-by-step breakdown of body camera video in officer involved shooting

GRAPHIC: Body camera videos released from CPD officer-involved shooting

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – WARNING: Some of you may find the above video difficult to watch. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Columbus police body camera footage shows the chaotic moments leading up to an officer involved shooting that happened on Tuesday. There were three officers who were injured and in the video you can see clips from two of their body cameras.

"What's his name? We know him," says Raymond Harralson, the officer who shot 29-year old Towon Earl.

In the footage,  you can see him walk towards the vehicle where two other officers are standing.

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Officer Ryan Vardman is standing on the drivers side and Officer Spata is on the passenger side. Vardman opens the car door and almost immediately the car starts rolling in reverse.

Vardman remains on the outside of the car until it's shifted into drive and starts moving forward. At that point Vardman climbs into the vehicle. 

Meanwhile the car is continuing to move forward, Harralson screaming, "Stop... Stop it."

If you look closely at the top left hand corner of the video, you can see a man trying to move out the way. He almost makes it but gets hit by the car door right before the car crashes into a green unmarked police van.

After hitting the van, the car continues to go around it, into the street and then crashes into an apartment building.  At this point you see Officer Harralson raise his gun and three shots are fired.

Moments after the shots are fired, if you look closely you can see bullet holes in the car. Officers are unable to pull Earl out of the vehicle because he is caught by his seat belt.

You can also see a gun on the floor of his car and the leg of Officer Vardman, who is injured. His colleagues then asked, "Ryan are you okay?"

The police then yelled, "Get back ma'am get back," to a pregnant woman carrying a newborn child.

In total three officers sustained injuries and Towon Earl is now facing several charges including theft by receiving a gun, possession of a firearm during commission of a crime, theft by receiving a vehicle, possession of cocaine with intent, possession of marijuana and three counts of aggravated assault for each officer injured.

The officer who shot Earl is on a paid administrative leave. Earl had his preliminary hearing this week and his bond was set for more than $90,000 and he is scheduled to appear in court again Monday morning.


UPDATE: CPD confirms officer-involved shooting on 28th St. and 3rd Ave.

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