CSU professor explains the meaning of Veterans Day

CSU professor explains the meaning of Veterans Day

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We want to make sure everyone knows what exactly Veterans Day means and a Columbus State University professor with a military background broke down the meaning of Veterans Day.

According to Dr. Dan Croswell, Veterans Day started after the end of World War I, which was in November of 1918.

The death toll at the end of the war amounted to a loss of an entire generation. Dr. Croswell says Veterans Day is also sometimes referred to as Remembrance Day.

"What Remembrance Day says more than Veterans Day and you could argue that point. Rather than having a flag waving event it should be a period of somber reflection about the cost of war and the consequences," Dr. Croswell said.

He also says over the years Veterans Day has been lost in the shadow of Memorial Day and that it's important to understand the true meaning of the two.

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