Girls Inc. jump ropes for veterans

Girls Inc. jump ropes for veterans

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One local group of kids spent their day getting active, all while their showing their support for our military members.

Girls Inc. of Columbus held its annual Jump Rope Competition on Wednesday.

The event has become an annual celebration on Veteran's Day where the girls make banners & posters as a special tribute to the veterans.

Veterans are also recognized at the start of the competition with and given tokens of appreciation.

Participants in the competition talked about the benefits of the event.

"It helps, not only with the teamwork aspect, but it also helps to become more culturally sensitive because you know not everybody is the same," said Dayna Perrymond, a jump roper. "It really exposed me to people I wouldn't have met otherwise if I hadn't started jump rope."

Prizes were awarded to the winners of each age group during the competition.

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