Too soon for Christmas wreaths?

Too soon for Christmas wreaths?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It hasn't even been two weeks since Halloween and already we're seeing Christmas wreaths popping up in downtown Columbus.

With Thanksgiving weeks away, some folks in the Valley are questioning if it's too soon to put up Christmas decorations.

Across downtown Columbus you can now see several wreaths on traffic poles.

With Christmas more than 40 days away, some are excited to get into the Christmas Spirit, while some others... not so much.

"Oh I like them I think it helps people get in the Christmas spirit," said viewer Ashley.

"I think they're up way too early because you still have Thanksgiving to go and I've seen Thanksgiving decorations," said viewer Shea Anderson.

"I also agree with that yeah it's just I don't know it's way too early," said viewer Kolby Helmes.

Santa's arrival to Uptown Columbus is not too far away. The annual Bi-City Christmas Parade happens on December 5.

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