Columbus Muslims react to deadly ISIS attacks in Paris

Columbus Muslims react to deadly ISIS attacks in Paris

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The terrorist group ISIS has claimed the responsibility for the deadly attacks in Paris, and many Muslims are feeling the brunt of it, especially when it comes to their religion.

Local Muslims talked to us about the misconceptions, saying their faith is based on peace, the exact opposite of what happened in Paris.

"It's not an Islamic issue; they take the name of Muslims but they're not actually Muslims, because Islam never teaches its followers to behave like that," a local Muslim said.

"The Islamic state for Iraq and Syria, it grew out of the after effects of the problem of in Iraq, in terms of after the US forces pretty much downsized there," said Dr. Fred Gordon with Columbus State University.

Gordon added ISIS was started after a lack of stability in Iraq saying this is a wake-up call to the world.

"They have the capacity to go beyond the Middle East," Gordon said.

Gordon said Islam is based on peace and local Muslims agree.

"Islam is a religion of peace, friendship, brotherhood, and helping each other." said Dr. Khan, a local Muslim.

"One little Muslim does bad and it spreads around that all Muslims are bad, but no if you take time and talk to someone, a Muslim is just an ordinary human being, " said Hasan Imtiaz.

Imtiaz, a Columbus teen, even compared his religion to others saying no religious book teaches this type of hatred.

"In every book it teaches to be kind, be respectful, and treat others like they're family," Imtiaz said.

Dr. Khan says this violence upsets her because its sheds the wrong light on Muslims, causing hatred, ignorance and a lack of knowledge on who they really are as tax payers in this country raising their children to be law abiding citizens.

"In no circumstances Islam doesn't accept killing each other, every life is a precious life," Khan added.

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