Child allegedly strapped to pull-up bar and beaten

Child allegedly strapped to pull-up bar and beaten

BUTLER, GA (WTVM) - A Georgia woman in a child abuse trial is being compared to the wicked stepmother from Cinderella as witness testimony continued Tuesday in Taylor County.

One neighbor implied on the stand that defendant Diana Franklin not only abused her adopted daughter, but allegedly robbed her of her childhood as well.

"Let her have some kind of a life, I said she doesn't have any friends, she doesn't go anywhere, she doesn't do anything," said Wanda Turner as she reflected her advice to Franklin years ago.

Testimony on Tuesday implied the alleged abuse from adoptive parents Diana and Samuel Franklin went beyond emotional and physical harm.

A 2012 interview with the victim who was 15 years old at the time indicated the girl wasn't allowed to be a regular teenager, allegedly being told she couldn't shave, never had a birthday celebration, never allowed to keep Christmas presents, and more.

Other allegations emerging from that interview between officials and the victim indicated she was strapped to a pull-up bar and beaten until she bled.

Testimony continued from witnesses who saw other signs of the harsh punishment Franklin and her husband Samuel allegedly used as forms of discipline.

Allegations surrounding the couple include starving their adopted daughter, locking her naked in a chicken coop, threatening her with a weapon, using a shock collar on the child, tying her to a tree like a dog and a slew of other gruesome allegations.

"She said I screamed and I screamed and I screamed to see if you could hear me and come and get me," said Turner, as she reflected on conversations with the victim following her rescue.

It's unsure at this point if the defendant will take the stand in her own defense, but the prosecution could wrap up as soon as Wednesday.

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