U.S. Governors saying "no" to refugees

The Governors of more than a dozen states, including Alabama and Georgia, have said they will block Syrian refugees from relocating to their states.

But while much of the battle has centered on the moral argument of rejecting the refugees, another major question has been raised, do the governors have the legal authority to block the refugees?

"When we perceive a threat to the state of Alabama and the people of this state, just like 26 other governors have perceived that threat governors have the authority and they do have the authority to do what is necessary to make sure the people of this state are safe and secure," says Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley.

Alabama currently has no refugees in the state while officials say 59 Syrian refugees have relocated to Georgia.

Meanwhile Georgia's Governor, Nathan Deal says his office will find out whether he has the authority to prevent Syrian refugees from being resettled in the state.

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