Construction continues on controversial Dollar General in Auburn

Construction continues on controversial Dollar General in Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - In a meeting of the Auburn City Council Tuesday night, community members voiced their opinions on the construction of a Dollar General store being built on Timberwood Drive.

The main concerns are on the potential blocking of Timberwood Drive with traffic and other safety and quality of life considerations. However, the council did say at Tuesday night's meeting they would look at options to lessen the traffic risks in the area.

They say their biggest concern is the safety of children who live in the neighborhood.

"The Council instructed the City Manager to look into the requests that were made, starting with blocking the street. City staff will work on getting that information and agenda item before the council as soon as possible," City of Auburn Director of Public Affair David Dorton said.

They say the increased nonresidential traffic will put their kids in danger at their bus stops, and while they are playing outside.

"[Residents] they were speaking to ask the City to help them maintain their quality of neighborhood life by considering closing Timberwood Drive in a way that would block access to the neighborhood from the Dollar General," Dorton said. "They also asked what could be done to mitigate lighting and other impacts of the Dollar General on their neighborhood, and asked about sidewalks and a traffic signal nearby."

Lee County Commissioner John Harris attended the meeting and told the city that the county is willing to work with them to do whatever they can to help.

Harris also encouraged all residents to email their state legislators to consider giving the county some control over zoning in the unincorporated areas.

We will continue following this story. Stay tuned for more details.

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