Nonprofit organization hosts youth rally for troubled teens

Nonprofit organization hosts youth rally for troubled teens

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - A nonprofit agency dedicated to helping troubled teens restore their lives is celebrating a milestone.

'We Have a Purpose' helps teens who committed a misdemeanor by providing them with interventions services like anger management classes.

"We going to save community, one youth at a time and it starts with that village. And once we come together as one we can direct our kids and what you've gone through  you can still be successful," Tiesha Williams said, founder and CEO of the organization.

The agency, based in Phenix City, celebrated its one year anniversary on Saturday with a Youth Rally at the Central Activities Center.

Since this agency started November, 3, 2015 they've helped over 30 clients.

Rodney Atwood a Wellness Coach said "I think it's hard sometimes for the community to actually get those things and those people willing to reach out and go into what particular issues they have right there on ground and this organization has be able to do that."

Wellness coach Rodney Atwood one of the panelists for the event says health and fitness is important for a teen's growth.

"This gives them an outlet  in many ways whether or not they play sports or come in a get out a lot of frustration that may be holding in," said Atwood.

The agency has had the support of several Russell County elected officials including the late state representative Lesley Vance.

District Court Judge 'Buster' Landreau was in attendance and Russell County Schools Superintendent Doctor Brenda Coley was the guest speaker. Her topic was 'The Village Returns."

'We have a purpose," is located at 915 12th Street in Phenix City. They can be reached by phone at 334-560-1477 on Facebook or 

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