Police: People loyal to the streets hamper unsolved murders

Police: People loyal to the streets hamper unsolved murders

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)-  The so-called 'street code' is hamper police efforts in cracking unsolved murders for 2015.

The most recent case happened this past weekend when 23-year-old Christopher Twitty was shot and killed during a home invasion.

Police say no one has come forward with information that could lead to an arrest.

We went door to door on Wickham Drive on Monday afternoon where the shooting happened and spoke to neighbors. One man who wanted to remain anonymous said police questioned him but he didn't see or hear a thing.

"My wife said she heard the dog barking around 3:30 a.m. but I was knocked out."

That's the same time police said the gunman barged into the home, kicking in the front door before pulling the trigger.

Neighbor Pauline Harley who lives down the street said she didn't think anyone lived in the home.

"I never see anyone coming in and out of that house," Harley said.

Police are hoping people will do the right thing and help them bring justice and peace to the victims and their families.

Police are still looking for the killers in the cases of Reno Fannin killed last June in his home on 23rd Avenue.

Additionally, 34-year old Zachary Clark was murdered in July on MLK, Jr. Boulevard and that same month on Pembrook Court, Johann Gamble was killed and Simon Lee King Jr was shot to death in August.

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