Verdict reached in chicken coop case

A verdict has been decided in an excessive child abuse case out of Taylor County, Georgia.

Monday afternoon a jury came back with a "guilty" verdict for Diana Franklin.

Franklin was found guilty of 28 counts including false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and child cruelty.

In the state's closing arguments they argued that the woman confined the child in various outside shelters on the family's property following sexual abuse from her husband Samuel Franklin who is set to face a jury soon.

"She can’t even face the truth that her own husband was messing with this child, and that's who they want you to believe? Give me a break!" Prosecutor Wayne Jernigan said.

"I've been in law enforcement 25 years, 11 years a GBI agent, I worked several homicide cases and child abuse cases but this is by far the worst one, it's at the top," says Taylor County Sheriff, Jeff Watson.

Franklin was escorted out of the Taylor County courthouse in handcuffs, despite pleas from her lawyer to let her spend Thanksgiving at home with her family before her sentencing in December.

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