High speed chase through East AL caught on video

High speed chase through East AL caught on video

(WTVM) - On Monday we received exclusive video of a crazy, high speed police chase that lasted nearly an hour, as the suspect weaved in and out of traffic in both Chambers and Lee Counties.

The chase started in Opelika, then went into Chambers County before heading back into Opelika.

The video, submitted by Caine Longshore and Tristan Norgard, shows the chase when it was near Valley High School.

Police say Saturday's chase began when the suspects, 25-year-old Jamie Knox of Waverly and 22-year-old Renee Loiselle of Opelika, broke into a car along Ballard Avenue.

When police spotted the suspects they say Loiselle, the driver, refused to stop.

The chase lasted nearly an hour, went into Chambers County then back into Opelika where it ended at the Motel 6 along Columbus Parkway.

Both suspects are charged with breaking and entering and theft charges.

Loiselle faces additional charges including reckless endangerment; attempting to flee, and criminal mischief.

No one was hurt in the police pursuit that involved numerous agencies, including Opelika Police, Lee and Chambers County Sheriff's Deputies, Valley police and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

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