Popular music producer's home a 'total loss' following fire on Lantern Lane

Popular music producer's home a 'total loss' following fire on Lantern Lane

For the second time this week, another home in Columbus is a complete loss-right before Thanksgiving. A neighbor spots the flames and calls 911.
But the home, which belongs to a well-known music producer was destroyed.

Columbus fire officials were called to a home on Lantern Lane before 1 p.m. Wednesday. Kurt Weathered, neighbor and close friend of the homeowner, put the skills he learned from the marshal's office to use. Weathered has years of military and law enforcement experience.

"I hopped across the street and saw the blaze was on the back porch. I busted out the side windows by the door and turned around and mule kicked the backdoor with my left foot to make sure he wasn't in the house. The smoke was real heavy, the ceiling started to fall in by the bedroom and living room. I got a flash light. I wanted to make sure cause I saw a lump on the bed and I wanted to make sure that wasn't my," said Weathered.

The house in the Meadow Creek Subdivision belongs to Kevin Flowers - also known as Kevin Lamar or Tracks, a well-known music producer. He was named "2014's Producer of the Year" at the Georgia Music Awards last summer.  Flowers was out running errands when the fire started.

"I just looked at my phone and got a whole lot of calls and text messages. I called in to see what was going on and they said 'hey', your house gone, man," said Flowers.

Another home caught fire on Greenfield Court in Midland Tuesday. Although the mother and four kids inside got out safely, the home was a complete loss.

Even though there's nothing left of Flower's home, he says he's thankful for his neighbors and that no one was hurt.

"Everyone came over to make sure I was okay. I'm happy and blessed that everything's good. These are material things. You can replaced that stuff," said Flowers.

Flowers added that he has homeowners insurance. Fire officials want to remind people during the holiday season to be safe when using kerosene or space heaters, cooking those holiday dinners and around fireplaces.

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