Appliance safety tips during the holidays

Appliance safety tips during the holidays

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While some shoppers scramble for the right ingredients for their Thanksgiving feast, many in the Valley are hustling to whip up something good for other families.

You're cooking that Thanksgiving dinner and your heating element goes out, or it could be your washer or dryer.

It happens seemingly out of nowhere. appliances breaking down is something that can possibly be avoided, if you take the necessary precautions ahead of time, that's according to Fox Appliance, where they've seen a steady flow of customers this week.

General Manager Liz Curtis explains what you can do to avoid mishaps with your appliances right during the holidays.

"Clean your oven about two months before a holiday and if you break your oven you've got it covered before the holidays happens. Check everything out. Keep everything clean you know just basic maintenance," Curtis said.

Liz Curtis says replacement parts can cost from $30 to $300 dollars depending on the part. The most requests they've seen have been for oven and laundry equipment parts.

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