Thanksgiving food drive needs more volunteers

Organizations in the Valley gearing up to feed families in need

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While many shoppers make last minute preparations for their family feast, many volunteers are hustling to make Thanksgiving a special day for others.

500 bags of Thanksgiving food filled the Words of Wisdom Christian Center Wednesday afternoon in Columbus, as families in need picked up all the ingredients they will need for the popular holiday feast.

For 37 years, Bishop Barbara Shepherd has seen her congregation lend a helping hand during this season of giving, and while many organizations across the country host meals at their own dining halls, Shepherd and other organizations want to help families have a traditional celebration.

"We thrive off of giving, Amen, we love to give, we get a joy in giving," said Shepherd.

"We want people to have a Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving is about being in your home, being in your comfortable space and being with your family and friends," said Jamie Gruber with a drive called "Thanksgiving, Delivered," who are still looking for extra hands on deck, as they gear up to deliver hot and ready-to-eat meals to 3,000 locals.

"Everybody is home by noon, that's the beauty of this thing, you can be home by noon so you don't miss a football game, you don't miss your family time, you just miss a little bit of sleep," said Gruber.

If you want to get involved Thanksgiving Thursday, you can stop by the River Mill Event Center at 5 a.m. if you're interested in helping cook, or you can swing by at 9:30 a.m. to help package and deliver.

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