Organizations in the Valley provide over 500 meals for families in need

Organizations in the Valley provide over 500 meals to families in need

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Four local organizations helped provide Thanksgiving meals to a variety of people, some homeless, some unable to afford Thanksgiving dinner and some simply without any family to share a meal with. 

Columbus Salvation Army, The Safe House at Rose Hill Methodist, Liberty Theater and Valley Rescue Mission joined together to feed the people of Columbus. They estimate that with all four organizations combined they fed over 850 people. 

The Safe House at Rose Hill Methodist takes pride in making sure their clients feel loved on this Thanksgiving.

"Somebody loves me enough to where if i am sleeping in a tent or if i am sleeping in the bushes somebody loves me enough to care for me to take
away  their day to serve me a meal and that  is what they are most thankful for," said Director Ronald Jackson.

The Director of Liberty Theater and Cultural Center, Shae Anderson, stresses the importance of family, "Once you come through the doors you are a member of the liberty family. I tell people that all the time you can come and help out and an event volunteer at the office answer the phones, we are a family here."

It was clear that people who left these organizations were thankful for the services provided to them.  And the volunteers also have great joy in helping families in need.

Director Ronald Jackson says, "We really love our clients and we really enjoy helping them, it brings joy to our volunteers."

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