CSU Women's Soccer Team heading to semifinals

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Columbus State Women's Soccer team is heading to Pensacola, FL on Tuesday, Dec. 1 for the Final Four.

On Thursday, Dec. 3 they will take on Bridgeport in the semifinals. Following six postseason wins, their postseason extended deeper than anticipated and cut into some family time during the holiday week.

Coach Jay Entlich said the decision to stay was a team decision.

"In the parking lot at CSU we said, 'hey we have to train through the holidays' and so we made a pact that no one was going to complain about it, everybody was going to be ready," Entlich said. "We had no complaints, 32 girls bought in, our staff bought in, it's been a blessing."

Luckily for his players, Entlich planned their Thanksgiving week ahead of time and got enough training in early in the week.

"We actually allowed them to go home, we trained Wednesday morning, caught a little bit of grief, because some of the girls weren't used to you know obviously it's a busy travel day, but they all got home in time and every young lady had a place to go, even the international students and we said you got to get back Friday night," Entlich said.

However, the trip to Florida is not only centered on soccer teams. The NCAA mandates some community service while they are in town.

"We are really excited about running a clinic with 300 underprivileged students in the Pensacola area," Entlich said.

Early this year Entlich and his staff developed a mantra to help his team better their previous accomplishments.

"This year we said all along it is about crossing the line, so we have two more games that we want to make sure we cross that line," he said. "And
every time we cross that line we aren't done. I want everyone to know whether its in a sport or in life its about crossing the line, crossing finish line."

There are only two more lines to be crossed for Entlich and the Cougars: Bridgeport on Thursday and then the winner of Grand Valley State versus Western Washington.

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