Lee County child torture case in recess as victim's mother goes into labor

Lee County child torture case in recess as victim's mother goes into labor

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The trial of an East Alabama man was halted by a recess when the mother of the victim was taken from the courtroom due to a sudden health issue.

The recess came as court officials say the pregnant mother of the 2-year-old victim in this case began having some contractions during the trial.

The mother, who will not be identified, was being called to the stand to begin testifying outside the presence of the jury about Facebook messages the defense claims she sent to the suspect's father.

She had trouble getting to the stand, and she was flushed and breathing heavily. Judge Walker asked if she was OK and she said she was in pain. Court officials called EMS and she was taken to the hospital. The case is in recess until further notice.

Her ex-boyfriend, Zachary Tadlock, is accused of torturing and abusing her son, who was 2 years old at the time.

Tadlock, 22, was arrested in July 2014, and then indicted by a grand jury for torturing, willfully-abusing and cruelly beating the 2-year-old child of his then-girlfriend.

Tadlock's mother testified she asked a relative to call 911 saying she thought her son was going to kill the baby. The incident happened at her home in the 600 Block of Lee Road 307, in Phenix City.

Deputies and EMS discovered the child suffering from multiple knots and bruises, with red marks all over his face, legs and other parts of his body.

Pictures of the injured child were shown to the jury as a physician testified the baby probably suffered a concussion and in his opinion the injuries were clearly a result of child abuse.

"There was a red hand mark on the face, neck, and marks and on the neck and esophagus area, it looked like someone had held the child by the neck to hold him still as he slapped him in the face," the physician stated.

He testified bruising and red marks around the child's neck along with a swollen red and blue cheek were consistent with someone holding the child so they could hit or slap the child in the face.

The child did recover from his injuries. Tadlock is also on trial for domestic violence assault against the child.

Jury selection in his trial began Monday, with opening statements and prosecutors did call the mother to the stand who testified Tadlock began hitting the child when the baby would not obey him.

Again, the trial is in recess as we wait to see what will happen with the victim's mother.

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