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Grand jury recommends no criminal proceedings in Zikarious Flint trial

Zikarious Flint Zikarious Flint

A grand jury decides criminal proceedings should not continue against a CSU police officer in the shooting death of 20-year-old Zikarious Flint. 

Flint was shot twice in the back in March 2014 after officers say they received reports that he was on CSU's campus loading a gun. 

The grand jury recommended that the district attorney discontinue any criminal proceedings against the CSU Officer and the DA confirmed that she will be taking that recommendation. 

After 19 months, a decision has finally been made. 

"During the six hours of presentation of evidence the grand jury heard from many witnesses,” said District Attorney Julia Slater. “Ultimately they made a decision that they recommended that the district attorney office discontinue any criminal proceedings regarding Sgt. Scott I plan to follow that recommendation." 

Slater says 20 witnesses took the stand on Tuesday, five who came on with Flint to the scene, six from CSU and nine-third party witnesses. A process the family doesn't feel it’s fair. 

"It's a one sided process obviously," said Katonga Wright, attorney for the Flint family. 

"Let's not lose sight of the fact that we had an armed man running through a campus, refusing officer's commands, threatening the welfare of other officers and our students," said John Lester, CSU Assistant VP of University Relations. 

Lester says he hopes this process shows people the consequences of someone's actions can jeopardize campus safety. 

On March 30, 2014, Flint, who was not a CSU student, was shot two times in his back by a CSU officer after officials say they received reports that Flint was loading a gun on campus. 

"We are very supportive of the officer," CSU Chief of Police Rus Drew said. "Sgt Scott was a model on how we train our folks to respond to this type of incident." 

"The question that must be answered is when is it OK to shoot someone in the back? When is someone who is fleeing a threat?" asked Katonga Wright, attorney for the Flint family. 

Wright says now that this hearing is over, the GBI investigative file will be available to them so they can review that and decided whether or not they want to proceed with a civil claim of  excessive use of force. 

Any civil claim will have to be filed within the two year statute of limitation and since Flint was shot in March 2014, that two year deadline is approaching. 

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