Be There: Fort Middle School parents in state video competition

Be There: Fort Middle School parents in state video competition

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Parents from across Georgia are showing off their creative skills in how they play a role in their child's education through videos.

An aunt and grandmother from Fort Middle School submitted a video displaying their continued support for Ansley, a student with special needs.

Destiny and Jody are actively involved in Ansley's learning experience at Fort Middle Service Learning Magnet Academy in Columbus.

"I stay on top of things with her. She is an avid reader we are so excited at the progress she's making here at Fort and being able to participate in regular school activities, said Jody.

Sixteen entries have been submitted to the Georgia Department of Education's Parent Engagement Competition.

Kim Jones, Parent Engagement Program Lead, says they are excited about the response they've received.

"We want everybody to get ideas from each other about ways parents are being engaged and particularly the one that came from Fort, I'm actually from Muscogee County and the one that came from Fort, I was like, oh my gosh, and this is from Fort Middle School. We were very excited about that one," explained Jones.

They're being scored in part based on how many views and likes they get, stated Communications Specialist Jason Clay.

So far, the page views are up to nearly 15,000 and 736 likes since the video were posted to the department's Facebook page, according to Clay.

Click here to like your favorite video. The deadline to submit videos was on November 16.

Ideas from the GDOE on ways to get involved with your child include volunteering at school, showing your child that you care and keeping in touch with the school.

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