EXCLUSIVE: Family continues to fight after CSU officer not indicted

Family continues to fight after CSU officer not indicted

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After a grand jury recommendation to discontinue criminal proceedings Tuesday night, the Columbus District Attorney announced she will not indict the Columbus State University officer who shot and killed a man in 2014.

"The decision that was made yesterday does not mean that everything is over," says Shamanique Flint, the mother of Zikarious Flint.

Flint, 20, was shot twice in the back last year after police say he was on campus with a loaded gun, threatening students and officers.

"There were a lot of theatrics on yesterday," Shamanique says.

She also says that District Attorney Julia Slater didn't need to bring in a grand jury because she has the power to make that decision on her own.

"I definitely feel like she passed the buck. That she didn't have what it took to just go ahead and say I don't see any reason to move forward with criminal charges," says Shamanique.

Tuesday night after the grand jury reached their recommendation, Slater explained her reasoning for choosing to use a grand jury for the case.

"I think that sometimes the best route is not for me to make a decision by myself but to use the grand jury, that's part of their function," said Slater.

As for CSU students, some say they were on campus when the incident happened but had a mixed reactions to the decision made by the district attorney.

"She took a recommendation and I really feel that if that was the recommendation that she was given then that's the best interest of the people," said Taylor Elston, an undergraduate student at CSU.

"I think maybe she chose the wrong decision and maybe could have filed criminal charges against the officer," said Treasure Davis, a sophomore student who lives in the dorm close to where the shooting happened.

Due to a two year statue of limitation Flint's family has until March to decide if they will file a civil claim of excessive use of force for Zikarious being shot twice in the back. But for now, Flint's mother says she will continue fighting in other ways.

"I feel like our fight will definitely be to get a DA in place that can make a difficult decision," said Shamanique.

Sgt. Scott's defense attorney Jim Clark told the press Tuesday after the hearing if the family files a civil claim it will be met with "vigorous defense."

"My son could have lost his life in any way God saw fit but I believe he took his life in a way that is going to bring change and leave an impact.  So we will continue to build his legacy. We will never stop doing that," said Shamanique.

John Lester, CSU Vice President of University Relations and Rus Drew, CSU Chief of Police both said they stand behind the actions of Officer Scott who has been back on duty since last year.

The attorney for the Flint family says they reached out to the District Attorney's office Wednesday to get access to the GBI investigation files and will give
them 30 days to respond.

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