Most Wanted: Christopher Twitty murder case

Most Wanted: Christopher Twitty murder case

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus police need your help solving a murder case.

The unsolved murder of 23-year-old Christopher Twitty has Columbus police reaching out to the public for help.

Twittty was shot during a home invasion that happened on Nov. 21 at a home on Wickham Drive.

"They obviously knew what they were looking for," said Sergeant Donald Bush with the Columbus Police Department. "They came to the home hoping that someone would be at home and that determined the case to be a home invasion. Subsequently he was shot."

Sgt. Bush says three male suspects kicked in the door of the Wickham Drive home and shot Twitty, who died hours later at the Medical Center.

Despite an ongoing investigation, Twitty's killers are still roaming free.

"Home invasions happen when they are looking for somebody," Sgt. Bush said. "They are looking for somebody specifically to get a certain item. Unfortunately there are three people we know of that are out there armed and dangerous."

But you can put an end to this case by calling police with vital information. The smallest details can make a big impact on a case police are investigating.

So do your part and bring Christopher Twitty's killers to justice.

If you know anything the murder of Christopher Twitty you are asked to call Columbus police at (706) 653-3400.

Your information will remain anonymous.

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