Budweiser Clydesdales visit LaGrange

Budweiser Clydesdales visit LaGrange

LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) - An animal that matches a brand - that is the case with the Clydesdales and Budweiser.

These giant horses have been used by Anheuser Busch as a marketing technique since 1933 as a symbol for their Budweiser brand.  

The Clydesdales made their way to LaGrange on Wednesday to celebrate an Ambassador of Excellence award for the LaGrange Super Market.

The Super Market finished three consecutive years as one of the top wholesalers of Anheuser Busch products in the country.

David West, one of the Clydesdale's handlers, explained the presence of the horses at a ceremony of this magnitude.

"We come here to be apart of the presentation of the award to the wholesalership," West said. "It's an outstanding award that they receive and the Clydesdales are the best way to show that they are the ambassadors of excellence."

The horses are constantly on the move and travel 300 days out of the year. It takes two tractor trailers to transport the horses, and an additional one to carry their 150-pound harnesses.

Generally, there are in a new city each week with the occasional two week stint for big events. Travelling with ten 2,000 pound horses can be difficult logistically, but luckily there is a great deal of planning to have things set up for when they arrive.

"All of our hay and shavings and everything is all delivered for us and it is here when we get here," West said. "Basically when we come in we set up, start feeding them, start taking care of them and it is all set up for us right off the bat."

It is a good thing the hay is delivered, since each horse eats up to 60 pounds of hay and drinks 30 gallons of water each day. It would take a few more tractor trailers if they had to transport their own supplies.

Along with all of the horses there is another animal that travels with the group, Clyde the Dalmatian.

"Back in the day the Dalmatian was used to protect during the loading and unloading of the beer while they left it, so now it's more or less he's just an icon to have, but he is probably the star actually," West said.

On Thursday the Clydesdales will be featured in the LaGrange Christmas parade put on by the Chamber of Commerce. Following the parade the Clydesdales will take a much-deserved rest.

The next day they get right back to it and will be at the ceremony where the Lagrange Super Market will officially receive the Ambassador of Excellence Award.

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