Gun Control Debate

The ongoing debate over gun control in the United States continues.

This after Wednesday's mass shooting in San Bernardino, California that took the life of 14 people and injured over two dozen.

For those wanting to buy guns in Muscogee County it takes about 20 minutes to apply at the Government Center.

Once you complete the application, you have to get fingerprinted by the Sheriff's department who then sends your fingerprints to the FBI for processing.

Probate Judge, Marc D'Antoino says he saw an increase in applications for gun permits today, which he says is common after national or local shootings.

"This morning we saw an upturn in carry permits. When I started her in 2006 we would have maybe 1500 for the total year," say Muscogee County Probate Judge, Marc D'Antonio.
D'Antonio says this year they have processed more than 2,500 applications for gun licenses. which is up by more than one thousand applications compared to ten years ago.

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