WTVM Editorial 12/4/15: Miss America's mission

WTVM Editorial 12/4/15: Miss America's mission

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It might be easy to think Betty Cantrell, Miss America, has it made.

She went from winning the Miss Georgia title to winning the Miss America crown in less than a year. Betty is the first Georgian to be crowned Miss America since 1953!

She's beautiful and talented, but she isn't spending all her time parading down red carpets.

Betty, who is from Warner Robins, GA, recently told our anchor Barbara Gauthier that she wants girls to know that anyone can be Miss America.

Barbara showed viewers the working side of Miss America during Betty's visit to Midtown Medical Center supporting the Children's Miracle Network.

Betty told Barbara she entered the Miss America pageant for the scholarship money, $50,000 and says pageants can be a great way to help pay for college.

Miss America is also fast becoming a role model for young girls who can often become obsessed with body image issues and fall victim to bullies, both real and those who hide behind online posts.

Betty recently posted a picture of herself on social media saying that. Even as Miss America, she has heard negative comments and bullying statements. She uses the hashtag "Unstoppable" to remind young girls that they can be happy and successful by never letting negativity rule their lives.

It's a message all young people, girls and boys, need to take to heart. Especially when online bullying can damage self-esteem and magnify insults beyond all reason.

We applaud Betty Cantrell for being a positive role model and starting a conversation about how to be strong and love yourself for who you are.

Miss America's message is simple: do not fall victim to what others think. Just be your BEST self.


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