Jordan High volleyball coach accused of sexual misconduct to keep job

Jordan High volleyball coach accused of sexual misconduct to keep job

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A 3-month investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by coach Stephanie Voyles is over. 

The Youth Services Sex Crimes Unit at the Columbus Police Department launched the probe in August 2015 amid claims that Voyles was engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl volleyball player at Jordan High School. 

"We interviewed the people who were making the allegations and we decided we did not have enough information to formulate a case being brought against the accused," said Lt. Joyce Dent Fitzpatrick. 

Dent-Fitzpatrick added they had what she calls "reluctant witnesses" in the case.

"We didn't have people forthcoming who were making the allegations to give us a statement," explained Dent-Fitzpatrick.

According to Georgia law, the age for consent is 16, but Dent-Fitzpatrick says consensual sex was never an issue in this case. 

"There is a different law for that and it applies to sexual assault of a person in custody and that applies to teachers and anybody who has custodial rights over a minor and we did not have that," said Dent-Fitzpatrick. 

A student and a parent claiming to have firsthand knowledge about the allegations against Voyles called WTVM in September but declined to go on camera. 

During the investigation, the Muscogee County School District said Voyles was did not have contact with any students.  

We contacted the district again on Monday to inquire about Voyles' employment by status, but we did not receive a response. 

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