VIDEO: Teen showcases ‘beautiful’ reactions in social experiment

VIDEO: Teen showcases ‘beautiful’ reactions in social experiment

(WTVM) – With self-image being a hot topic, especially on social media, a social experiment was conducted to find out how people react when told they are beautiful.

Shea Glover, a high school student, started this social experiment by asking students and teachers to allow her to take photographs for a project. In the video, Glover says some people she photographed she knew, but most of them she did not know.

While recording, the teachers and students she would tell them the purpose of the project, which was to "take pictures of things she finds beautiful."

There were many reactions to the compliment including those who were embarrassed, delighted and even shocked. What would be your reaction to this compliment?

While this video is actually from May 2015, it's been receiving a lot of attention in the last week, garnering more than 6 million views.

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