195k Christmas cards grants wish of NY girl who lost family in 2013 fire

195k Christmas cards grants wish of NY girl who lost family in 2013 fire

Schenectady, NY (WTVM) - A New York girl who lost her family in a fatal house fire two years ago has just one wish this holiday season: to receive Christmas cards, and her story has reached all corners of the earth.

Safyre Terry, 8, is the sole survivor of a fire officials have labeled as arson on May 2, 2013 in New York.

The fire claimed the lives of her father David Terry, her 3-year-old sister Layah, and her brothers, 2-year-old Michael and 11-month-old Donavan.

Although she survived, she was burned on more than 75 percent of her body. Officials say she was found next to her father, who used his body to shield her from the flames.

But her wish of just receiving Christmas cards has spread across the world, and according to ABC News, she's received more than 195,000 letters and cards, plus more than 3,000 packages from across the world.

She now gets the well-wishes delivered to her home, courtesy of the Schnectady, NY Post Office, where the family has a P.O. Box.

Safyre has even gotten a trip to Disney World, courtesy of a nonprofit group Baking Memories for Kids. .

Safyre has had more than 50 operations since the fire, according to her paternal aunt Liz Dolder, who has sole custody of her.

Her aunt said Safyre lost her right hand three months after the fire and lost her left foot earlier this year. She uses a prosthetic to walk and has additional surgeries scheduled in the future.

This year for the holidays, Dolder bought a tree to hang Christmas cards on. She said Safyre was excited and hopes to fill the tree up with cards.

Dolder posted a request on Facebook asking friends to help send Christmas cards, since most of Safyre's immediate family is gone.

If you would like to help, you can send Safyre a Christmas card at:

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306, USA

You can also help Safyre by visiting her aunt's YouCaring page and her Facebook page.

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