Ten sex offenders land behind bars in Russell Co. crack down

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - More than ten sex offenders drew law enforcement's attention in Russell County, as their annual sex-offender round up wrapped up Wednesday.

"It's vitally important that we know where these people are, we keep up with them. It's also a tremendous burden for local law enforcement," said Kenny Davis, the Russell County District Attorney.

From Nov. 30 through Dec. 9, officials from eight law enforcement agencies in the Valley dug into the lives of 173 Russell County registered sex offenders.

"We need to know are they living near a school, are they living out of compliance somewhere, are they working somewhere where they are coming into contact with folks that they're not supposed to come into contact with," said U.S. Marshal of the Middle District of Alabama, Tom Hession.

The demanding job came back with 11 violators who weren't living at their registered address, moved and didn't update their address, or broke other rules officials say, and ten of those men have so far been arrested for the violations.

While the number is average for a round-up officials say, they explain the importance of keeping up to date records and check-ins.

"When we have accurate information and we keep this list up, and we do this type of operation, and we have a child get off the bus and go down to their friends house and don't call mama, we hope that all of them are like that and we can find them fairly quickly, but the one time that it may be that somebody snatched them, we're going to be able to go straight to our sex offenders initially and be able to account for them and account if that child could be with them," said Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor.

The Russell County District Attorney also adds that the area prosecutes about 30 sex offenders every year for compliance violations.

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