Columbus Mayor holds final "Let's Talk" forum of 2015

Columbus Mayor holds final "Let's Talk" forum of 2015

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson held her fourth and final "Let's Talk" forum of the year Thursday evening.

The public meeting took place at Temple Israel on Wildwood Avenue at 6 p.m.  Mayor Tomlinson and other Columbus city officials were there to take questions and provide answers to people in the community.

The mayor says the purpose of these forums is to provide a current status of the city, as well as an opportunity for citizens to come together and discuss their concerns. Thursday night, residents talked about everything from garbage pick-up to high speed rail to the property tax freeze.

"It's the type of thing that builds respect among the citizens and the government," said Mayor Teresa Tomlinson. "It lets people know that we're accessible. We want to go places where the citizens feel comfortable gathering and we want to hear their concerns," the mayor said.

The forums are held in partnership with community leaders, such as civic groups and neighborhood associations.

Mayor Tomlinson, City Manager Isaiah Hughley, and other city department and public safety representatives were all in attendance at the public forum. Other forums were held in March, June and September of 2015.

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