WTVM Editorial 12/11/15: Discipline creates role models

WTVM Editorial 12/11/15: Discipline creates role models

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - I recently had the pleasure of attending the 8th annual SportsVisions High School Football Awards ceremony at St. Luke's Ministry Center, where Alabama coach Nick Saban was the guest speaker.

Coach Saban shared his philosophy of the importance of discipline for young people, saying that to be successful, you must have the personal discipline to do the right thing all the time, not just when it's convenient.

Coach Saban told the young players that discipline is important in all aspects of life because that is what builds character.

Of course it's not easy. Otherwise everyone would be able to do it.

But the coaches and players from 20 different high schools in our area who were honored at the banquet are role models when it comes to discipline, because they have demonstrated tremendous focus and hard work to be able to succeed in the tough, competitive game of high school football.

Some people may think these athletes get too much attention just for playing a game.
But positive reinforcement of their achievements, the kind of recognition that comes with the SportsVisions awards, should encourage them to work even harder and keep up the discipline that got them this far, so they can succeed no matter where they go in life.

Coach Saban was the big name at the banquet, but the real stars were the young athletes being honored for their perseverance and commitment all season long.

That's the definition of discipline and it's just what Coach Saban will be looking for as he builds his teams of the future.


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