WTVM Editorial 12/11/15: Civil Right to Immigrate?

WTVM Editorial 12/11/15: Civil Rights to Immigrants?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Here's a story you may not have heard much about on the national news: In reaction to Donald Trump's call for a temporary pause on Muslim migration, the Senate Judiciary Committee has just voted in favor of an amendment giving Muslims living in foreign nations what the Judiciary Committee calls "the global right to immigrate to the United States."

Jeff Sessions, the Republican senator from Alabama, voted against the amendment, saying it represents an "unprecedented effort to extend American's constitutional rights and protections to foreign citizens living in foreign countries."

Senator Sessions says the amendment will transform our immigration system, making "'immigrants' rights' supreme" to the rights of existing citizens: in effect, making immigration to the U.S. a "civil right" for anyone. No other country has this policy.

The successful immigration of the 1900s made our country great because those immigrants wanted to be Americans. They were challenged; nothing was given to them.

They worked hard to learn English and worked even harder to contribute to making a better life here for their families than they had in the country they left behind.

But it's a different world today. Some immigrant groups now seem to resist the melting pot ideals that helped thousands of immigrants achieve the "American Dream."

Sen. Sessions was right to oppose the amendment granting Muslim immigrants the automatic right to immigrate. Sen. Sessions thinks America can and should choose immigrants based on the benefits they might bring: skills and abilities they have that will contribute to our country, not build one of their own in America.

We don't think that's too much to ask.

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