Should women have to register for the draft?

Should women have to register for the draft?

(WTVM) - Defense Secretary Ash Carter's decision to remove gender based restrictions on military service will open more than 200,000 jobs to women starting at the beginning of the New Year.

As a result of these historic breakthroughs, Georgia state officials say there is a good possibility women may be required to register for the draft in the near future.

"You cannot ignore 50 percent of the population. I believe the majority of society is ready for it, or they understand they need to prepare for it, because there are women that want to serve their country," said Georgia State Senator Ed Harbison.

On the homepage of the Selective Service Systems website it says "no decision" has been made on requiring women to register for a draft but people in Columbus say it's necessary for complete gender equality. 

"I think we as Americans enjoy a lot of privileges that the Army affords to us and so I think that as women that want equality we have some obligation to be submitted to a draft just like anyone else," says Marie Miller.

Senator Harbison doesn't  consider himself an advocate for women being required to register for the draft but says eventually it will happen, "whether you or I see it or not it's going to happen. If there's a need for the draft to be implemented women stand the risk or at least stand the chance as well as

CSU professor Chris Lock of Military Sciences says even though the integration is just now taking place legally, he worked alongside several female soldiers throughout his 16 years in the military.

"The uniform says United states Army. Everybody is a soldier. Gender specific or not specific, I mean you are a soldier," says Lock.

LTC Jennifer Johnson with the Army's media relations says "within 30 days, the Army will submit our recommended integration plan." 

Once that plan is submitted it would need to be approved by the Secretary of Defense.

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