Columbus organization won't let Grinches steal Christmas

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Christmas is just two weeks away, and it's crunch time for one Columbus organization. Volunteers at the Wishing Well Foundation are prepping nearly 800 bikes to bring smiles to children's faces in our area.

"They really want all of the employees to understand the importance of paying it forward in Columbus," said Janice Garber with Greystone Properties.

On Friday, Greystone employees dropped off 40 brand new bikes, and Dr. Brett Murphy of Columbus donated $500 to the cause.

"We want to see a smile at Christmas, not every day, but at Christmas that's the most joyous time of the year," said Chester Jackson with the Wishing Well Foundation.

The organization will assemble new bikes in packages, or fix up used bikes that have been donated. Robbers have recently targeted the group, with an attack Thursday night stealing an undetermined about of bikes, but organizers say they are staying focused on collecting more bikes and the end result.

"If you have removed a bike from this facility, you have removed a smile from a child from this facility, only thing you have to do is come and donate your time. I will not ask a question, I will not ask why, it's still about the child," said Jackson.

The organization will be collecting donations at the East Coast Body Shop off Farr Road up until Dec. 19 when they give them away.

The group was fixing up used bikes, but now they are asking for new bike donations due to time constraints.

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