AL motorcycle club raises funds for premature twins

AL motorcycle club raises funds for premature twins

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL - (WTVM) - A motorcycle club is doing all they can to help make things easier for two infant twins that are suffering from multiple health problems.

Once a year, members of the Alabama Blue Knights 11 hosts a charity fundraiser to help someone in the community. The family of twins Kolbie and Kash Gregware were chosen for the fundraiser.

"It was a way that we can show we can show that we care about them individually and the fact we can help the family with the medical bills," Teddy Hampton said, president of the motorcycle club.

Born at 29 weeks premature, Kash has spinal complications. And Kolbie with heart problems just had open heart surgery at Eggleston Hospital in Atlanta. The nonprofit organization rode their bikes to the home of the grandparents of the twins, giving them the proceeds of the fundraiser.

"They are ecstatic, when I called the mother Brandy over the phone she was crying so much she could hardly talk. Now the kids are a part of us now," Chris Hundley said, director of Alabama Blue Knights 11.

They were given a check for $3,000 for medical expenses. Right now, Kash is able to stay with his grandparents while his brother is still recovering in Atlanta with is parents by his side.

"Now it's going to enable them to take care of Kolbie and Kash and not have to worry about other things right now. Kolbie will probably be in Atlanta through February right now. With open heart and lung surgery, it costs my son-in-law and daughter about a $100 a day to stay close to the hospital. The check that these people just presented us is going to help a lot," Dale and Allan Halstead said, grandparents of the twin boys.

If you would like to help Kash and Kolbie you can go to their Go Fund Me page by clicking here

The Alabama Blue Knights say they now have a bond with the children and family members that will last forever.

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