How do mass shootings affect GA and AL gun ownership?

How do mass shootings affect GA and AL gun ownership?

(WTVM) - The third anniversary of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary where 26 people were killed was remembered on Monday.

With another mass shooting just less than two weeks ago in San Bernardino, CA, officials are discussing the impact mass shootings have had on gun ownership in the Georgia and Alabama.

"The day of the Sandy Hook shooting we had two applicants, the week after we had 60 applicants and since Dec, 2, the date of the shootings in San Bernardino, we have had 192 applicants," says Russell County Probate Judge Marc D'Antonio, who processes gun license applications and says he sees a correlation to mass shootings and the number of applications.

In the last several years, the number of applications his office receives has increased. 

In 2012, they received 1,898 gun license applications. In 2013 that number increased to 2,703. Last year there was a small decrease to 2,684 and so far this year D'Antonio says they have received 2,754.

According to, Alabama is the seventh heavily-armed state with 20 guns per 1,000 residents and Georgia is the 18th heavily-armed state with more than 14 guns per 1,000 residents.

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