Phenix City council approves property for kayak rental and retail store

Ten days before Christmas, Phenix City council took care of a lot of business Tuesday night including the approval of a property for a canoe and kayak rental and retail store.

During the meeting, council members approved approximately $42,000 for 12 more days of work on the waste water treatment plant plus an additional more than 52-thousand dollars for the utility department for sanitary sewer main improvements.

Separate from city business, we asked Phenix City's mayor about the physical fight Tuesday morning between Birmingham's mayor and a city council member.
"You hate to see things like that happen. I think I can say confidently that will never happen here. We always strive to take the high road and do the right thing, say Phenix City Mayor, Eddie Lowe".

Phenix City council also announced some construction happening on Riverchase Drive, to add a turning lane and more.

There were also resolutions for the mayor and city manager to sign one thousand dollar Wal-Mart community grants for both the Phenix City fire department and police department.

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