Witness in Columbus murder trial pleads the 5th, still asked to testify

Witness in Columbus murder trial pleads the 5th, still asked to testify

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Trial continued Wednesday for a Columbus man accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend in the head in 2014.

Vashon Walker pleaded not guilty last June after claiming an intruder was responsible for the murder of his then-girlfriend 28-year-old Jessica Osborne.

Walker's ex-girlfriend was called to the stand on Wednesday as a witness by the prosecution. She pleaded the Fifth Amendment, saying she didn't want to incriminate herself.

The prosecution claimed to have police reports that indicate Walker was abusive towards the witness, even strangling her and specific times when he threw her on the couch and shot at her. Despite pleading the Fifth Amendment, she was still required to testify to the jury.

Her answer to the questions about the incident were "I don't remember."

The prosecution called the officer who responded to the domestic abuse call to confirm that Walker's ex-girlfriend had a black eye and that there was a bullet hole in the couch.

Several expert witnesses were called to the stand, including witnesses from the Columbus Police Department, who testified to finding the murder weapon in the victim's back yard.

A GBI expert said the forensics of the bullets found at the crime scene matched the weapon retrieved from the crime scene. 

Another expert witness analyzed the tread of the suspect's Adidas shoes and compared it to a shoe mark police found on the victim's door.

Despite striking resemblances, the tread design expert indicated in a report presented by the defense during cross examination that he did not have sufficient evidence to conclude Walker's shoe was in fact the shoe print found on the victim's door.

The trial is set to resume Thursday, Dec. 17.

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