Video of Kendrick High school bus stunt not tolerated by school officials

Video of Kendrick High school bus stunt not tolerated by school officials

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Shocking video of a local high school student seen riding the back of a moving school bus is making the rounds on social media.

Muscogee County School District officials are speaking out about what's being called a dangerous stunt.

The actions of a Kendrick High School student in the video is under investigation, and school district leaders want to remind students and parents this sort of activity will not be tolerated.
Cell phone video shows a student running behind a Muscogee County school bus as if he was being left behind. He crosses several yards and eventually catches up to the bus as it slows down.

According to school officials when the bus stops, the unidentified male student from Kendrick High School jumps on the back of the bus and rides for about 42 seconds until the video ends.

Muscogee County School District Director of Communication Valerie Fuller says this may have been pre-planned incident by students.

"It's still under investigation to a certain degree. But what we do know is this happened without the bus drivers knowledge as far as we know at this time. There was a bet made with students at some point in time and unfortunately, the student chose to see the bet through," said Fuller.

She says it happened Friday, Dec. 11 and the district was made aware of the video posted on social media on the following Monday, alerting security and administrators.

"It was a serious, serious stunt. One that is not taken lightly. We would discouraged that kind of action from any student," said Fuller.

We're told students recorded the shocking video while on the bus headed to Kendrick High. Fuller says parents were told of what happened by phone and email. She stresses safety is a priority for students and employees.

"We wanted them to know what had happened and the safety measures that were involved," said Fuller. 
Fuller could not say if the students involved have been punished, but says if students see something, they should report it to adults immediately. No one was hurt or injured during the incident, according to the school district.

Fuller also said all students are to follow the same discipline code and behavior policy of the school district whether they're on the bus or at school.

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