Columbus organization helps fire victims have a Merry Christmas

Columbus organization helps fire victims have a Merry Christmas

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Just three days before Christmas, dozens of people living in an apartment on Martin Luther King Boulevard were burned out of their homes.

On Christmas Day, the families displaced by the fire Martin Luther King Boulevard gathered at Liberty Theater for a Christmas meal.

Hundreds of people from throughout the Chattahoochee Valley donated clothes, toiletries, and toys to make sure that Christmas was special for the displaced families.

"The spirit of Christmas  is high in Columbus Georgia because we have had so many people to come and to help us with this. But today we are feeding those folks that are out of their homes and their families for Christmas," said Robert L. Anderson, the Chairman of the Board of Liberty Theater.

Volunteers helped prepare a Christmas feast for these individuals, complete with everything needed in a traditional Christmas diner.

"We got everything, we got hams we got turkeys we got dressing we got collard greens, we got everything you would have at your home and more," said Anderson.
This Christmas may have been a bit backwards: first everyone gathered together for a meal, and then hundreds of toys were presented to the children affected by this fire.

Georgia Senator Ed Harbison was happy to be a part of the event.

"This community came together to say, 'we care about you, we are concerned about you.' And especially to take a look and hand something to the children on Christmas day.  Which is what the epitome of Christmas is all about. God gave us Jesus and we want to give them some kind of toy to express that sentiment."

Although the families displaced by the fire will not be spending Christmas in their homes, the hospitality can provide them with some type of comfort.

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