East Alabama teachers begin clean-up of flooded classrooms

East Alabama teachers begin clean-up of flooded classrooms

LANETT, AL (WTVM) - While this severe weather system has been wreaking havoc on homes and residential neighborhoods, there are other aspects of our community that are being affected as well.

W.O Lance Elementary School in Lanett has been battling flooding for four days now. Kindergarten teacher Brandi Bowers detailed how she spent her Christmas break cleaning her water-logged classroom.

"We got a phone call on Christmas Eve morning that the school had started to flood," Bowers said. "And so myself and a few other teachers spent Christmas Eve morning at the school trying to get book shelves, and books and things off the floor level to try and save what we could."

Bowers says that in the back half of the school there was nearly three inches of standing water covering the classrooms. But even after Christmas Eve they weren't done.

Anticipating not being able to stay in her classroom she returned to the school to try secure what she would need to teach her students during the upcoming months.

"Most Kindergarten and first grade teachers spent most of our day yesterday at the school with ServPro up trying to label things in our classrooms and try and find things that we are going to need to teach with during the next month or so," Bowers said. "Because we are going to be displaced out of our normal classrooms while they rebuild, we will have to go into make-shift classrooms for a while."

Bowers also recognized how quick the community has been to come to their aid.  She says the school has fielded calls from churches, local businesses, and even the chamber of commerce to see what they can do to help.

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