Several Fort Benning roads closed due to weather conditions

Several Fort Benning roads closed due to weather conditions

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) – As Fort Benning continues to feel the impact of the heavy rains over the past week, four main roads and one bridge are closed due to water damage.

Portions of four main roads include 10th Division Road, Sightseeing Road, Sunshine Road and Way Street. Laundry Bridge along with Sunshine Road are also closed. A portion of 10th Division Road between Edwards Street and Sigerfoos Road are closed to all traffic including vehicles, cyclists, runners and walkers.

Drivers are advised to use extra caution and to stay away from affected areas.

Because of the closure of Sightseeing Road, all traffic using the Eddy Bridge Access Control Point to Alabama must use the designated detours. The detours include Dixie Road to Jecelin Road to 82nd Airborne Division Road or Indianhead Road to Bradshaw Road to 82nd Airborne Division Road around the back of the airfield.

All units and personnel are restricted from using 82nd Airborne Division, Bradshaw and Indianhead roads for Physical Readiness Training or road marches until further notice.

Fort Benning wants to remind the public that bypassing temporary road blocks and barriers is unsafe and illegal. Also, because of flooding the river and other waterways are hazardous for boating.

Please report an unmarked damaged roads to the Military Police Desk at (706) 545-5224. You can view the map of the roadway closures here:

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