WTVM Editorial 1/1/16: Kudos to flooding first responders

WTVM Editorial 12/31/15: Kudos to flooding first responders

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The relentless rain in recent weeks did more than soak the holidays.

Flood waters damaged homes and businesses, closed roadways and made travel dangerous or at least difficult for many.

The Chattahoochee River was just one river that rose far above flood stage.

Whenever flooding happens, it's devastating for homeowners who have to clean up, and it puts pressure on first responders who serve us year round, whenever bad weather hits.

The most familiar first responders are the teams who make often dangerous water rescues, when someone thinks they can cross a flooded road or take out a boat to tour the damage or ride the high water in a kayak.

The Columbus Police Swift Water Rescue Team is always ready to help anyone in trouble on the river and it can happen any time of year.

These first responders want all of us to stay away from dangerous high waters situations so they don't have to rescue anyone simply because of their poor judgement.

And there is another group of first responders who are less visible, but provide valuable service during floods.

The employees of Columbus Water Works, many of whom spent both holiday weeks working to repair the effects of major flooding at the water treatment plant.

The staff of Columbus Water Works kept our drinking water safe during the relentless rains, even after a chemical feed pump malfunctioned.

The unsung guardians of our water, the Swift Water Rescue Team and Columbus Water Works should both be commended for their dedication to our communities during the recent flooding events.

Even if we never saw them at work, it's comforting to know they are always there. 
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